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Video:What to Expect on Move-In Day

with Gregory Gant

Move-in day at college can be really stressful if you're not prepared. This About.com video will let you know what to expect on college move-in day.See Transcript

Transcript:What to Expect on Move-In Day

My name is Brian Smith from About.com and today we're heading off to college with what to expect on move-in day.

Move-in day is a stressful time for most people, but with the proper preparation it can be easy as a walk in the park.

Make a List of What to Pack

Before packing, make a list of everything you need to bring to college. You don't want to get to your dorm only to realize you forgot your toothbrush. It's a good idea to contact your roommates beforehand, so you end up with four microwaves and no TV.

Make a Plan for Move-In Day

Once you're finished packing, the next crucial step is to plan out your day. Most colleges give you a set time to move in. I wouldn't recommend moving in outside of these hours without written consent from the school. Every school has a different process for moving in. Do some research ahead of time and see where you need to go. Consider printing a map and highlighting where you can park and where you need to go. Getting lost on move in day is a sure fire way to get stressed out.

Moving In and Meeting Your Roommate

So you're packed and ready to go for move in day, get some sleep because tomorrow is gonna be hectic. The morning of move-in day, double check the list you made of everything you packed, you don't want to miss anything. Once you finished moving in, relax in your newly furnished room and take some time to get to know your roommate. Finding out what each other's pet peeves are at the beginning is a great way to avoid confrontations in the future. Remember, don't have too much fun at college, you're there to learn.

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