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Video:Top Tips for Time Management in College

with Sophie Domain

Time management is one of the most important skills to develop at college. This video will provide some tips on becoming better at time management.See Transcript

Transcript:Top Tips for Time Management in College

Hi, I'm Sophie Domain, here with, and today we'll be sharing our top tips for time management in college. 

As a student, it is easy to procrastinate. Here are some ways to help you make the most out of your time. 

Tools for Time Management

Step one: use file folders, appointment calendars, "To-Do" lists, all of these are tools that will help you get organized. Also, try planning your day the night before. 

Step two: use your workspace wisely. Keep it organized and neat-looking. Using color-coded items and labels will allow you to instantly locate your work tools. 

Prioritize Your Tasks

Now turn your attention to your work methods. Planning ahead and prioritizing are key components of effective time management. Set goals for your school year, both short and long-term. For example, try using a rating system to prioritize items on your To-Do list, #1 being the most important. 

Make sure not to neglect or postpone low-priority tasks. If items on your list are not crossed-out, they could pile up and become overwhelming. Also, leaving those loose ends might undermine your sense of accomplishment. 

Balance Your Life to Manage Your Time

Find balance: remember that to be most effective, you need rest, exercise and a good diet. Take short breaks during study and don't wait until the last minute to tackle on your homework. Using breathing techniques will help you relax even in stressful situations. 

Also, keep track of time: having a clock at eye-level at all times could help you stay aware of time passing. Eliminate distractions. And voila!

Following those simple techniques should help you stay ahead of the game during your college years. To find out more, go to

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