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Video:Top Tips for Dealing With Homesickness at College

with Donald Daedalus

Homesickness is one of the most common emotions people deal with upon going away to college. This video from will provide some tips for coping with homesickness at college.See Transcript

Transcript:Top Tips for Dealing With Homesickness at College

Hi, I'm Donald Daedalus. In today's video, I'm going to share's top tips for dealing with homesickness while at college.

College Homesickness: Call Home

First, trying staying in touch with the folks back home. Include them in your life by updating them about what's going on and your growing interests. But try to not call all time.

College Homesickness: Visit Your Family

Second, plan a visit home. A quick trip to see your family can be a nice treat. Just don't over-do it by making it happen every weekend. That will just make you feel worse when you're away.

College Homesickness: Go Out With Friends

Third, go out with your college friends. It can be something simple and spontaneous or something planned; an occasional evening out can help you unwind and help you get to know your new friends.

College Homesickness: Keep in Touch with Friends

Try calling a friend back home. It may be that he or she is at another college experiencing the same thing as you. Catching up is a good idea even if you're not homesick.

College Homesickness: Go Outside

Finally, get out of your room. Go outside where there are people. Go to the local café or even the library where you can focus on other things. Getting out and getting fresh air will make you feel much better than just hibernating in your room.

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