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Video:How to Pick a Major

with Eva deBoer

There are a few things to consider when trying to choose a major during college. This video will help you figure out how to pick a major.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pick a Major

Hi, I'm Eva for Today I will be talking about how to choose your college major. 

Choosing your college major is a big decision, and is certainly not one to be taken lightly. Many college counselors advise waiting to select your major until you have started college, but that doesn't mean you can't start thinking about it sooner. So, once you're ready to pick a major, how do you decide? Let's look through some key factors to be considered when selecting your college major. 

Identify Academic Strengths

What are your academic strengths? Look at your transcripts, think about the classes you succeed in the most. What comes naturally to you? The most important thing here is to be honest with yourself.

Identify Academic Passions

What do you love? What matters to you? What do you care about? Is what you are academically good at what you are interested in studying in college? You will be spending several years in the study of your major; it is important to choose a major you feel passionately about.

Factor Desired Career Into Choosing a Major

What kind of career do you want after college? It is important to look past college and consider what you want to get out of your education. While studying a subject in school may be fun, you should keep in mind the career applications of a degree. Also, be sure to consider life factors, such as how much you want to make annually, where you want to live, and how much you want to work.

Consider Cost of School

How long do you want to be in school? Some majors offer career opportunities with only a Bachelor's Degree. Other majors require a doctorate before you are competitive enough to enter the workforce. The number of years you spend completing your post-secondary education can range from 4 to more than 8. The length of time you wish to be in school, and the amount of money you would like to spend on your education, should be considered when deciding what major is right for you.

Find Best Schools Offering the Major

What schools offer the major? Where are those schools located? Look into what schools offer the major you are interested in. If you are considering business, most universities have a business school. But if you want to study veterinary science, your choice of schools may be more limited, and you may need to factor in how far away from home you want to be or what state/city you want to live in. 

After You've Chosen a Major

Once you have decided on a potential college major, find a student who is majoring in that subject, or someone who graduated with that major, and ask them questions. What is their college workload like, is the major different than what they expected, if they've graduated, what did they use their degree for after college? 

In the end, choosing your major is a big decision, but it is not your final decision. Remember to keep in mind what career you would like, what your life plans and dreams are, and what makes you happy.

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