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Video:How to Pick Your Classes in College

with Eva deBoer

There are a few major factors to take into consideration when choosing classes in college. This video will provide some tips on picking your courses.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pick Your Classes in College

Hello, I'm Eva for Today we will be looking at how to select your classes in college. It can be daunting to see all of the courses available to you each term, let alone to begin selecting which classes to take. Here are some guidelines to go by that will make choosing your classes a little easier.

Meet With an Advisor

Most first-year students have the opportunity to meet with an advisor during Student Orientation. These advisors can help students select classes, discuss potential majors, and assist in planning the student's academic coursework for their first year. If you are just beginning college and have not declared a major, here is where you should begin.

Look at General Education Requirements

All colleges and universities have specific course requirements students must complete in order to obtain a degree. These courses range from basic writing and math, to foreign languages, history, and science. Students must take a certain amount of credits in each category in order to graduate. You can start your first term or two in college off by getting some of these basic classes out of the way.

If you have selected a major, selecting your college classes is automatically much easier. With each major comes specified courses that must be taken during certain terms each year in order to graduate with your desired degree. Additionally, once you have declared a major, your department will often provide you with a four-year outline of what classes to take and when. 

Make a Plan

Courses repeat each year, and sometimes the same courses are offered in multiple terms. As such, it helps to plan out what classes you want to take each term of the year. Having a yearly plan will help ensure that you take all of the classes you need to graduate, and that those classes are available to take when you need them.

Choose a Good Class Schedule

Many basic classes, such as math and writing, are offered at different times each day, or different days each week. Be sure to take into consideration your personal schedule. If you are working, select times that do not conflict with your job. If you don't like mornings, choose classes that start in the afternoon or evening, that will decrease the likelihood that you will skip class to sleep in.   

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