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Video:What to Do if You Have a Low SAT Score

with Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff

Low SAT scores can be improved by preparing and retaking the test. Some schools also have alternate options for submitting SAT scores, like picking the best or average all results.See Transcript

Transcript:What to Do if You Have a Low SAT Score

Hello, I’m Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff, founder of CollegeSearchExpert.com, and, I’m here for About.com. Have no fear if you have a low SAT score. There’s many ways to tackle this.

Prepare for the SATs

Perhaps get a tutor, that can help for many students. You may also want to get resources, like books that have old tests in them. Actual tests that were given by the SAT company, college board. Because by taking these tests you practice. And practice does make perfect or at least close to it. And then, retaking the exam.

Retake the SATs

I don’t recommend that you retake it too many times, because that has a connotation too to the schools. So, some times a student may take the SAT two times or even three times. But, if you’re taking the SAT again, make sure you’re doing it on a timely basis. Some schools have a cut off and if you take an Sat test too late in the game it may not even be considered when they evaluate your application.

Know How Schools Evaluate Multiple SAT Scores

Also, be aware the score choice comes into play. Some schools, depending upon their schools, and you can check this out on their website, they will take or they will allow you to submit the best Sat score you like. That’s score choice. There are also schools which will help you to “Super Score.” That is take you highest sections that may transfer over different SAT dates. To know whether a school does that or not, the website is usually the best avenue for that.

Try a Different Test

The other thing one can do if you have a low SAT score is to try the ACT. It’s a different kind of test. And, it’s very important to know that the SAT is considered an aptitude test and they have some tricks in it and you have to know when to guess and when not to guess. On the other hand the ACT is a test of achievement. So, it really tests how well you do in content knowledge.

Consider Schools That Don't Require SATs

Also, what if you’re just not a strong test taker, no matter how many times you take it. There are schools, we call them test optional schools. And these are schools that can be found on the website fairtest.org. You can apply to these schools without submitting a test score. However, they have other requirements and criteria. So, they may say you can use a test optional if your grades are a certain GPA for example. So, this is definitely worthwhile looking into.

There are many options if you have a low SAT score.Thank you for watching. To learn more, visit us at About.com.

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