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Video:Profile of UNC Chapel Hill

with Milo De Prieto

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill was the first public or state school in the US. Get a look at this renowned university in this college apps video from Transcript

Transcript:Profile of UNC Chapel Hill

The Founding of The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

The first public or state school to open its doors in the newly formed US, classes at the University started in 1795. The institution, as well as others like it, were the offspring of notions held by the founding fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson, that the success of the American Experiment depended on an educated populace. UNC can trace it's charter to the constitution of the state, established in 1776, that designated such an institution be founded.  

It took the work of William Richardson Davie to get the ball rolling in the North Carolina General Assembly with a specific bill to charter the school and soon the difficult process of building an institution of higher education began.

Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill was rather remote at the time but nearby to Raleigh, which had been designated and designed as the new capital city of the state. Both began to be constructed around the same time. Today they, with Durham, form the Research Triangle a nickname from the 1959 Research Triangle Park, a project to create a hub of R&D by local municipalities and nearby universities among which are Chapel Hill and Duke.

UNC and the Civil War 

Of the many historical events that have shaped and been shaped by UNC Chapel Hill is the Civil War. Beforehand, the university was growing dynamically but the war threatened to decimate it. Not only were students lost to subscription but the institution found itself in horrible debt. The following years were not easy ones for the school and it's survival is a testament to its leaders and legacy. The university closed briefly from all these trials in the early 1870s, however the trustees, teachers, and alumni did not give up and it's doors soon reopened.

UNC Alumni

Accomplished alumni of UNC Chapel Hill are numerous and include the writers Thomas Wolfe, Armistead Maupin, and Walker Percy, the designer Alexander Julian, actors John Forsythe and Andy Griffith, as well as many political and business leaders.  

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