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Video:How to Pick a Theme for a College Essay

with Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff

Want to learn great tips for picking a theme for a college essay? Here, see helpful information about choosing a college essay theme.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pick a Theme for a College Essay

Hello. I'm Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff, Founder of CollegeSearchExpert.com and I'm here for About.com.

Picking a Theme for a College Essay

I'm going to give you advice on how to pick a theme for a college essay.It is so important to pick a college essay theme that represents you as a person, that the reader of you application can not find elsewhere. The essay truly makes you three dimensional. It takes you off the paper. Off from just looking at you as a grade, an SAT an ACT score. So, how do you find a good topic or focus? You can keep a journal or a writer's notebook throughout your high school years. That's very helpful.

Tips for Picking a Theme for a College Essay

You can jot down interesting notes and events you've been to, or thoughts you've had. And then refer to your observations when it's the right time, so you can spark a particular point of focus. That can be very helpful. And when you're thinking about an essay theme, think about including a good metaphor to build on that theme. For example, I know of a gymnast who wrote about comparing the equipment she used in the gym and how it represented her in many respects. So, you'll use some kind of comparison and that could make your essay particularly powerful.

More Tips for Picking a Theme for a College Essay

It's important to find a topic that's captivating. What might be thought of as mundane can be very effective if there happens to be a unique and interesting slant on it, that's authentic, that represents you.Another ting that is very important is to look at the college prompts. Because the college prompts will tell you what the school values. And, hopefully, you value that too. Otherwise, you wouldn't be applying to that school.

Additional Tips for Picking a Theme for a College Essay

Are they looking for you to be creative? Perhaps so. So look at those prompts to determine whether or not the theme you're thinking of is in line. If you're applying to eight or ten schools there could be twelve essays you have to write. What I like to do is I find the common theme that runs through all these essays. And then help the student to figure out those essays that may have application to more than one school.

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