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Video:How to Outline a College Essay

with Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff

Want to learn how to outline a college essay? Here, see tips and tricks for properly outlining a college essay by yourself.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Outline a College Essay

Hello. I'm Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff. Founder of CollegeSearchExpert.com and I'm here for About.com. I'm going to explain how to outline a college essay.

Instructions for Outlining a College Essay

First thing that is so important is to find the theme. After you've found the theme, what is this essay going to be about, you have to organize your thoughts. It's very important to do that. And that is, what is the topic or theme? Divide it up into your main points and then sub points coming off of that.

More Information for Outlining a College Essay

The facts supporting the main points. What is very important when organizing your essay is to know you need a hook in the beginning. Something to catch the reader's attention. That does not have to be the first part of your outline. You can go back to that ti fill that in, after you know what the essay is going to be about. And, the essay should really tell a story. It should be interesting. It should tell a story that highlights what you want to tell the reader about you.

Additional Information for Outlining a College Essay

Let's face it, the essay is your chance to be three dimensional. And, so you want that to come across. You want to make sure you include your background, without being redudndant in including information you've already included in the application.

Rememeber, this essay is all about you.Another way to outline an essay is to literally put a list together of all your attributes nd characteristics. And, don't be bashful about that. This your time to shine.And, then next to it support it with either story or evidence or support. To support why you're saying that you have that characteristic. I'm avoiding giving you a template where one might have learned in school, the first paragraph is, the opening sets the scene and the middle one gives more details and you conclude at the end. I want your style your artistic and creative way to come through. And, I would never impose upon you a template. Typical scholastic, a programmed way of doing an essay. If you like to do it that way? Absolutely. But that is only oe way to do it. It's up to you to make ths work for yourself.Colleges are looking for more. To help them know you, and quite frankly, want you.

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