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Video:How to Create a Schedule for Doing College Applications

with Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff

College applications are lengthy processes. Create a schedule for doing college applications so that you can stay on top of all of the deadlines and requirements necessary.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Create a Schedule for Doing College Applications

Hello. I’m Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff. Founder of And, I’m here for I’m going to explain how to create a schedule for doing your college applications.

Organize College Application Deadlines

It’s very important to be organized in this whole college application, search and application process. So,  by utilizing a spread sheet program, you can tailor a beautiful chart for your particular schools and your particular needs.

So, for example, you list the schools that you’re applying to in the left column. And then you should note whether or not that school uses a common application or not. It may have it’s own application. Note that for your organizational purposes. How do you find this out? Everything on here should be on the college’s website.

Note Unique College Application Requirements

Then, does the college require a supplement to the college application? If, in fact, they use a common application. You need to note that and how many supplements apply to you. Then you want to know, do they have an early decision date? What is it? And, put it into the appropriate column.

Some schools have early decision one and two. They have different dates. Same with early action. Does early action apply to this school? Note it. So at your finger tips you’ll have all the information. Then you want to know is there a regular or a priority deadline? List all those dates.

Note Your Chance of Acceptance

Is the SAT and the ACT required? And, if it is – what is – I like to put down the mid range, that middle fifty percentile that we speak about, so that you have an idea where you fall. You can then determine, at least based on this, whether this is a safe school, or a target, or a reach school for you. And, does that school require subject tests? And, which ones might they be? Those are additional tests to the SAT also called SAT 2 tests.

And, so, you feel up this sheet, basically, with all of the information, so that you have it at your fingertips. Thank you for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at

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