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Video:Calculating the Value of Your Collection

with Greyson Ferguson

It can be fun and lucrative to keep an eye on just how valuable your collections are. Here's a video with tips for calculating the value of your collections.See Transcript

Transcript:Calculating the Value of Your Collection

Hey guys, Greyson Ferguson here with Today, we are going to look at ways to determine how much your collection is worth. Whether you collect baseball cards or Star Wars toys, coins or Pez dispensers, there is a similar way to determine how much your collection is worth.

Use Collector's Book to Determine Collection Value

Start out with a collector's book. You can purchase a value collector's book at your local book store. These books cover a wide selection of your collectibles. When looking through the list, you are going to notice there are several price values given. The highest value given is the mint conditioned. Mint condition collectibles are generally uncirculated and have been kept under glass since creation. Even the most pristine looking items have gone under some sort of color fading or bending. When dealing with toys that originated in boxes, the boxes are actually what significantly add to the overall value. You are going to find the value of a Star Wars doll significantly diminished if not still in the package.

Ask Dealer for Estimate on Collection Value

Stop by a local coin, toy or comicbook dealer. These individuals are going to know what the collectibles are going for. Even if you are not looking to sell the products, they can give you a fair estimate at what the toys and other collectibles are going for. Look up your collectibles on eBay. This isn't going to give you the actual collections worth, but it is going to show you what other people are paying to obtain the collection. In reality, your collection is only really worth what someone is willing to pay. This works in two ways. Sometimes at auction, a product goes for under the estimated value, while occasionally a well preserved, sought after collectible is going to sell for over the estimated value.

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