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Video:What Not to Do When Making Coffee

with Elisa Pupko

Making coffee is a careful art form, just like any form of baking or cooking. Learn some major things to watch out for when making coffee to ensure the perfect cup in this how-to video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:What Not to Do When Making Coffee

Hi, I'm Elisa Pupko for About.com. And I'm gonna talk to you about some things you shouldn't do when making coffee.  

What Not to Do When Making Coffee

The first is to make sure to never leave your coffee pot on the warming plate of your coffee machine. It will cause your coffee to develop a bitter flavor and can also ruin your coffee pot. It's best to transfer the coffee directly to a carafe or a coffee cup.

The next thing is to make sure you have the appropriate coffee to water ratio when making your coffee. Make sure to following the instructions for the method you're using; otherwise you could end up with too strong or too watered down coffee.  

Next, make sure your coffee is fresh. Whole bean coffee generally only stays fresh for one to two weeks and should be stored in an airtight container. Once coffee is ground, it only stays fresh for a couple of days. That's why it's best to grind your coffee at home and use it shortly thereafter.

More Coffee Don'ts  

Another mistake is using too fine of coffee grounds in a French Press. If the coffee grinds are too fine, they will come up into your coffee and then you'll be drinking grit. That's no good. That's why it's important to use coarse ground coffee in a French Press.  

Another mistake is using too hot of water to make your coffee. If water is at boiling temperature, it will burn the coffee and cause it to have a bitter flavor. It's best to let your coffee sit for 10-30 seconds after it's boiled, which brings the temperature to about 195-205 degrees, the ideal temperature for making coffee.

And lastly, don't ever use burnt coffee beans to make your coffee. If you're getting your coffee beans from a store or a coffee shop, that's probably not gonna be a problem. However, if you're home-roasting your beans, make sure not to burn them.  

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