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Video:Sweeteners for Coffee and Tea

with Elisa Pupko

There are many different ways to sweeten your coffee or tea, from sugar to artificial sweeteners, this About.com video will guide you to achieve just the right taste.See Transcript

Transcript:Sweeteners for Coffee and Tea

Hi, I'm Elisa Pupko for About.com here to talk to you about sweeteners for coffee and tea. 

Common Sweeteners

Some of the most common sweeteners include white sugar, milk or cream, agave nectar, honey, lemon, and artificial sweeteners. White sugar is the most common sweetener for coffee and tea. Brown sugar has a deeper, richer flavor than refined sugar.  Honey is a popular sweetener for tea and ice coffee and tea. Agave nectar is a popular new natural sweetener. Since it's liquid, it's ideal for iced drinks.


Stevia is one of the newer sweeteners on the market. It's made from an extract of the sweet leaf plant, and it's generally considered to be a natural product.

Artifical Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners tend to be popular among calorie-counters and people with diabetes or other sugar sensitivities. They can be used in both coffee and tea. 

Using Milk in Coffee and Tea

Milk can be used in both coffee and tea, hot or cold, to lighten up your beverage.  The more you add, the lighter it'll look and the less strong your coffee or tea will taste. When adding milk to your beverage, you can use anything from half and half to low fat milk. 

So those are some of the options you have when sweetening up your coffee or tea beverage.  For more information, please visit About.com.

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