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Video:Overview of Green Tea

with Elisa Pupko

There are many benefits to drinking green tea and the process for steeping it isn't difficult as long as you know a few steps. Watch this About.com video to see an overview of green tea.See Transcript

Transcript:Overview of Green Tea

Hi, I'm Elisa Pupko for About.com here to tell you everything you need to know about green tea, including where it comes from, how it's made, what it looks and tastes like, and types of green tea.

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is a type of tea that is harvested and then quickly preserved.  Whereas black tea leaves are allowed to oxidize after they are picked, green tea leaves are immediately heated to prevent oxidation. 

Green Tea Basics

Green teas can have a range of tastes.  Common descriptors include sweet, bittersweet, nutty, buttery, floral and fruity.  A common mistake in green tea is using boiling water, which can cause your tea to taste bitter. 

Tips for Making Green Tea

Most green teas are best when steeped at about 160-180 degree F, which is only simmering.  Green tea steeping times can vary between 20 and 30 seconds to up to about 4 minutes.  It's best to check your tea's packaging or ask your tea vendor for more detailed brewing instructions.  Some of the varieties of green tea include flavored, steamed, and roasted. In front of me you can see I have a natural green tea, a flavored green tea with cranberry, and a chamomile green tea blend.  And that's everything you need to know about green tea.  

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