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Video:How to Use Tea Strainers

with Elisa Pupko

tea strainers are a great way to try a variety of loose-leaf teas for a rich and strong flavor. In this video, you will learn how to strain your tea in a number of different ways, in addition to creating your own tea bags.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Tea Strainers

Hi I'm Elisa Pupko for, and here's how you use different tea strainers. 

What are Tea Strainers used for?

Tea strainers are used for both whole leaf and loose-leaf tea. Because the tealeaves are loose, you need a strainer or an infuser to keep the tea leaves from getting into your cup of tea. I'll be showing you a French press, tea ball, cloth tea bag, and tea strainer.

French Press as a Tea Strainer

The first strainer I'm going to use is a French press, commonly used for coffee, it can also be used for tea. After you put the tea leaves and water into your French press and let the tea steep.

Then plunge down the tea, and you'll see that the tea rises to the top and the leaves stay at the bottom. 

Tea Ball

The next is with a tea ball. You put the tealeaves into the mesh ball and then put the ball into your water. This iced tea ball is perfect for a single serving cup. 

After you've let the tea steep, remove the tea ball and enjoy your cup of tea.

How to Make your own Tea Bags

You can also create your own tea bags using a cloth pouch such as a spice bag. 

Fill the bag with one teaspoon to one tablespoon of tea, and then put the bag into your teapot and fill with water. 

Using a tea strainer allows the tealeaves to move around within the teapot. When you're ready to pour the tea, place the strainer on top of your cup, and pour the tea into your cup. The loose leaves will be caught in the top of the tea strainer, keeping them from going into your tea.

And that's how you use tea strainers. For more information, please visit

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