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Video:How to Make Coffee in a Percolator

with Elisa Pupko

Making coffee in a percolator or an electric percolator is an effective alternative to drip or french press. Learn how to brew coffee in a percolator in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Coffee in a Percolator

Hi, I'm Elisa Pupko for, and here's how you make coffee in a percolator.

How to Grind Coffee for a Percolator

What you will need is a coffee grinder and fresh coffee beans. Coffee beans needs to be ground to coarse. So if you're buying pre-ground coffee beans, make sure they are ground to coarse.  Cold tap water, a measuring spoon and a percolator. First you're going to grind your coffee to coarse, and then next you're going to open up and take everything out of the percolator. 

How to Make Coffee in a Percolator

Next, you want to add cold water to the percolator; you want five ounces for cup of coffee.  Then re-place the pump tube and the spring, and the basket back into the percolator. Add your coffee into the basket, it's two tablespoons per cup of coffee. Then, put the spreader back in and put the cover on. Plug in your percolator and your coffee will begin to brew. This model is an electric percolator, which is generally used inside households. There are other models that can be used over the stovetop or are also good when you are camping over the campfire.

Why Use a Percolator?

What's great about using a percolator is that it's fast and easy to use. You just add the grounds in the coffee, plug it in and your coffee is made for you. This model also turns off by itself once the coffee brewing process has completed. However, because a percolator brews the coffee at higher temperatures, it can cause the coffee to be over extracted and make for a less flavorful cup.

And that's how you brew coffee in a percolator. For more information, please visit  

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