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Video:How to Grind Coffee

with Elisa Pupko

Grinding your own coffee beans is an essential way to make a fresher cup of coffee. Get some tips on grinding your own coffee using a blade and Burr grinder in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Grind Coffee

Hi, I'm Elisa Pupko for, and I'm gonna show you how to grind coffee. I'm gonna show you two different grinders, a Blade grinder and a Burr grinder.

How to Grind Coffee in a Blade Grinder

To ensure the freshest cup of coffee, it's best to grind your coffee beans right before you brew it. Also, ground coffee doesn't stay fresh as long, so if you have whole beans, your coffee will stay fresh longer.

Inside of a blade grinder, you have metal blades. To grind your coffee beans, pour them into the grinder. Place the cover on top and press down to grind. A blade grinder will typically grind your coffee too fine, which is best for brewing coffee with a paper filter or with a coffee machine. 

One of the disadvantages of a blade grinder is you can sometimes get inconsistent results within your ground coffee. A blade grinder is best for a fine grind, and it's best to let the grinder run for a long time if you can have an even consistency in your grounds. If you're trying to get a medium or coarse grind, you don't grind for as long and chances are you're not going to have consistent grounds throughout your coffee.

How to Grind Coffee in a Burr Grinder

A Burr grinder is great because it regulates the grinding process, allowing for more efficient and even grinding. You put your coffee beans in on the top and then set it to grind either fine, medium or coarse. You can select how much coffee you'd like to grind and your ground coffee will be distributed here. To use a Burr grinder, you take your whole coffee beans, you put your coffee beans in on top. We're going to set this to grind fine. I'm gonna then set how much coffee I want ground; I'm gonna set this one to four ounces and press Start. I'm gonna take my coffee ground out, and as you can see I get a nice fine, even distribution.

For a medium grind, switch back to medium and press Start. Here's our medium ground coffee, it has the consistency of coarse sand. For coarse ground coffee, switch it to course.  Here's our coarse ground coffee, which has more of a consistency like kosher salt. The Burr grinder is great because it lets you select different types of ground, Fine, Medium or Coarse. It also allows for a more even distribution and efficient grinding. However, the Burr grinder is more expensive and can be harder to clean.

And that's how you grind coffee. For more information, please visit  

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