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Video:How to Drip Brew Coffee

with Elisa Pupko

Using a coffee machine to make drip coffee is the most convenient way to brew a pot of coffee. Learn how to make coffee using a coffee machine in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Drip Brew Coffee

Hi, I'm Elisa Pupko for And here's how you make drip coffee at home using a coffee machine. 

Pros of Using a Coffee Machine

The things you will need are a coffee machine, water, coffee beans or already ground coffee. If you have beans, you'll need a coffee grinder and a measuring spoon.

What's great about using a coffee machine is the convenience - you just put in some coffee grounds and some water and it instantly makes your coffee. A lot of machines even have settings that allow you to preset it so that your coffee brews when you wake up in the morning. However, the coffee made in a coffee machine isn't always the strongest of flavor - some people complain that it's a little watered down and that you get stronger flavor from are press or french press coffee. 

How to Brew Drip Coffee

I'm gonna first start by grinding my coffee beans. So, I'm going to fill my grinder and grind it until the coffee is fine. To grind your coffee to fine takes about ten seconds and you want the coffee to have a smooth feeling to the touch and be a little finer than sugar or table salt. You want one heaping tablespoon of coffee per cup you want to brew. So I'm gonna do two tablespoons to make two cups of coffee. Now I'm gonna fill the carafe with water. You want one cup of water per cup of coffee you want to brew, so I'm gonna put in two cups of water.

And then once you've set your desired settings on your coffee maker, you can hit start and brew your coffee.

So with drip coffee, what happens is the water seeps through the coffee, absorbing its oils and flavors.  And then it passes through the filter, leaving the coffee grounds in the filter and leaving the coffee below to drip in to the carafe.  

Once the coffee is done brewing, it's important to turn off the coffee maker and remove the coffee from the heat source. I recommend transferring to an insulated carafe for serving. Doing that will insure that your coffee is fresh and flavorful and isn't burnt tasting from sitting on the heat source.

And that's how you make drip coffee at home using a coffee maker. For more information, please visit Enjoy!


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