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Video:How to Brew Whole Leaf Tea

with Elisa Pupko

In this About.com video you will learn the various methods there are to brewing whole leaf tea, in order to achieve a stronger, more enjoyable, tea-drinking experience.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Brew Whole Leaf Tea

Hi, I'm Elisa Pupko for About.com, and here's how you brew whole leaf tea.

What is Whole Leaf Tea?

Whole leaf tea is tea that is primarily made up of whole, unbroken leaves. Because of the large pieces of the tealeaves, more flavor and aroma are allowed to seep into your water, giving your cup of tea a stronger flavor.

I'm going to be showing you methods using a French press, tea ball, cloth tea bag, and tea strainer. 

Brewing Whole Leaves with a French Press

To brew whole leaf tea using a  French press, first scoop up your tea. It's about one teaspoon per cup of tea. 

Place the tea into your French press. 

Next, add your hot water. Put the cover on your French press, and let steep for the desired amount of time. 

After you've let your tea steep, press down the plunger on the French press. This will keep the tealeaves from coming up into your tea, and you are now ready to pour your tea into a glass. 

Brewing Whole Leaves with a Cloth Tea Bag

You can also brew whole leaf tea, making your own tea with a cloth tea bag.

Fill each bag with about one teaspoon of whole leaf tea. Close your bag, and insert it into teapot. 

Next, add your hot water to the teapot. Make sure the teabag is completely submerged in the water. 

Then place the lid on your teapot and let steep for the desired amount of time. 

Brewing Whole Leaves with a Tea Ball

Here's how to brew whole leaf tea using a tea ball. 

First, pick up your tea ball and fill it with your whole leaf tea. 

Next, place the tea ball inside your cup. This tea ball is the size for  a single serving, but they also come larger for whole pots. 

Next, add your hot water and let the tea steep for the desired amount of time.

When the tea has finished steeping, remove the tea ball from the cup and enjoy your tea.

Brewing Whole Leaves with a Tea Strainer

When using a tea strainer, your tealeaves are able to move around inside the teapot while steeping. 

Place your tea strainer on top of your cup and pour your tea out of your teapot. The leaves will catch in the strainer. 

So that's how you brew tea using whole leaf tea. For more information, please visit About.com.

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