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Video:Different Ways to Make Coffee

with Elisa Pupko

Making coffee can be a fine, delicate art, or an easy convenience, depending on the equipment that you use. Learn how to make coffee using a coffee machine, french press, and aero press in this how-to video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:Different Ways to Make Coffee

Hi, I'm Elisa Pupko for About.com. And I'm gonna show you some different ways to make coffee.  We're gonna take a look at three different methods, with a coffee machine, a French Press and an Aero Press.

How to Make Coffee with a Coffee Machine

For this coffee machine, we need fine ground. You want one tablespoon of coffee grounds per cup of coffee you want to brew.  You want one cup of water.  Then hit Start and your coffee will begin to brew.  What's great about using a coffee maker is the convenience.  However, the coffee made from a coffee maker isn't always the strongest of flavor.

How to Make Coffee with a French Press

To make coffee with a French Press, you first need a French Press, first we're gonna set our tea kettle to boil.  You wanna use coarse ground coffee.   You want two tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of water.  Once the teakettle whistles, let it sit for 10-30 seconds before pouring into your French Press.

Set your timer for four minutes.  Within the first minute, you'll notice a crust beginning to form at the top.  Stir that to make sure the coffee is evenly distributed.  Then put the cover on your French Press and let it steep until the four-minute timer goes off.  After four minutes, you can slowly then plunge your coffee.  All the coffee grounds are now packed into the bottom, underneath the plunger.  And your coffee is on top, ready to pour. 

One of the great things about using a French Press is that the grounds are allowed to steep, and because you are not using a paper filter,  the coffee oils and soluble go into your coffee adding for a flavorful cup.  However, it is a bit more labor intensive, and if you're not paying close attention and let the coffee steep over four minutes, you will end up with a bad tasting cup of coffee.

How to Make Coffee Using an Aero Press

To make coffee using an Aero Press, you will need fresh coffee beans ground to fine.   I'm gonna take one coffee filter and place it in the coffee cap and then screw the cap onto the chamber.  Then I place the chamber on top of my cup of coffee.  So you want two scoops of your fine ground coffee.  Then I'm gonna pour two ounces of water into the plunger.  Then pour the water into the chamber and stir the coffee for about ten seconds.  The stirring ensures that the coffee grounds are evenly distributed. 

Be sure to wet the tip of your plunger before putting it into the chamber.  Place the plunger into the chamber, and push down for about 20-30 seconds.  Once the plunger has reached the bottom of the chamber, the process is complete and now you have your shot of coffee.  You can fill up the cup with hot water or milk, depending on your taste preference.  

One of the great things about using an Aero Press is the gentle air pressure brewing yields a rich flavor, with lower acidity and without the bitterness.  However, it is more labor intensive and you can only brew one cup at a time.

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