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Video:What are Lowball Drinks

with Amanda Hertzler

Lowball drinks are named for the lowball glass they are served in. Check out some of these simple lowball drinks that you can make at your own cocktail party.See Transcript

Transcript:What are Lowball Drinks

Hello, my name is Amanda Hertzler and I am a mixologist at The St Julien Hotel and Spa in Boulder, Colorado and today I am here with About.com to discuss what are lowball drinks.

Lowball Drinks Have Less Mixers

Lowball drinks are going to be from 6 - 9 ounces. They are called on the rocks glasses mostly because a lot of those drinks that are going to be served are going to be served on the rocks. Generally with lowball drinks there is going to be more liquor to less mixer, which is going to result in a stronger drink. Like the popular drink the Black Russian, which is going to be a mixture of coffee liquor and vodka.

Neat Lowballs Are Without Ice

When serving lowballs, generally they are going to be served with ice, or just neat, Neat is going to be without the ice, so you are just going to pour 1-2 ounces plain in the glass. Generally you are going to be pouring 1-2 ounces of the alcohol. Sometimes people will ask for a splash of water or a splash of soda to add into that. So you can have a rum and a splash of coke or vodka splash of water.

Another popular lowball drink the whiskey sour, you can serve straight up; you can also have a whiskey sour on the rocks. And there's the whiskey sour on the rocks. Thank you so much for watching. For more information on cocktails please visit food.about.com

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