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Video:What Makes a Martini Dry or Dirty?

with Amanda Hertzler

Martinis come in many different styles and are often ordered dry or dirty. Learn how they get their names and what goes into a dry martini and dirty martini.See Transcript

Transcript:What Makes a Martini Dry or Dirty?

Hello, my name is Amanda Hertzler and I am a mixologist here at the St Julien Hotel and Spa in Boulder, Colorado and today I am here with About.com to show you what makes a martini dirty or dry. The difference between a dry or dirty martini is just going to be whether you add dry vermouth or olive juice, which is going to make it dirty.

Dry Martinis Add Vermouth

Generally when you are making a dry martini, you want to use very little vermouth since it has such a strong flavor. Of course, before you do anything with the alcohol, you are going to make sure your martini glasses are actually being chilled on the side. And to start, you are going to put your ice in the shaker. Then you are going to pour 2 2/3 ounces of either vodka or gin.

You are going to shake that up. Now once you do that, you are going to pour out your martini glass, and with the vermouth you are going to put in a very small amount, twirl it about, and throw that out in the sink. And then you strain the rest of the martini from the shaker into the chilled glass with a tad bit of vermouth and you can serve it with a lemon twist.

Dirty Martinis Add Olive Juice

The dirty martini, the difference here is you are going to add a tad bit of olive juice. If they want it filthy, add a little more; if they just want it a little dirty, just add a little drop. And then once that's chilled, you are going to dump out that cold water from the martini glass, and strain into the chilled martini glass. There you have a dirty martini and you are going to garnish with some olives.

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