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One of the most classic cocktails, particularly during the summer months, is a mojito. In this video, learn how to make this well-known drink.See Transcript


Hi, I'm Gregory Lay. I'm a bartender here at the Roebling Sporting Club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What You'll Need

I'm here for to show you how to make a classic rum mojito. To make a classic rum mojito you need some very, very simple ingredients: two teaspoons of sugar, some fresh mint, one fresh lime cut in half, some light rum of your choosing, some ice and a muddler.

Now, the reason why you need a muddler is to press the mint into the granulated sugar in order to release the aroma and flavor of the mint, which is the key part to the mojito. 

Squeeze Lime in Mojito

First, what I like to do is I like to squeeze two halves of lime into the glass, releasing all the juice. You can dispose of the other half of the lime after their juiced because you only need one half for further on in the recipe.

Add Mint and Soda

Next, the fresh mint. What I like to do is use a decent amount of mint, sort of brings a freshness to the cocktail. 

The next step will be to add the two tablespoons of sugar. What I like to do next is I like to add a little bit of soda water, just in the beginning. Now, we'll get down to the muddling.

Muddling Mojito's

What you want to do here is press the blunt end of the muddler into the glass, and you're going to put most of your weight from your arm and some pressure, grinding those materials down until the sugar is dissolved.

What I like to do next is to squeeze that other half of the lime that we saved into the glass. Make sure all the juice is out of there, and you can drop that right in. Add your ice, and you fill it all the way up to the top with ice. 

Add Rum and Shake

Next thing you're going to do is add two ounces of rum. There are any number of variations on a classic mojito cocktail that stretches anywhere from the kind of rum you want to use, which is dark rum, spiced rum or even flavored rum.

It will all obviously affect the profile of the drink, but it really depends upon your tastes. Another great variation is to muddle really any kind of fresh fruit that you like into the cocktail in addition to the other ingredients. Shake it really nice and good. In order to serve the mojito, I like to use a highball glass.

You can also use a large rocks glass, or you can just drink it right out of the pint glass if you're feeling a little saucy.

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