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Video:How to Infuse Vodka With Fruit

with Thomas Kunick

Adding a subtle fruit flavor to vodka makes for a unique and delicious cocktail. See how to infuse vodka with fruit flavors such as apple and pear.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Infuse Vodka With Fruit

Hello, my name is Thomas Kunick, we're here at the Downtown Cocktail Room in Las Vegas, Nevada for Today we're going to be infusing vodka. We're going to do the fruit infusion.

Cut Fruit Into Pieces

I'm just gonna cut off the stem, and I'm just going to cut this pear into a few chunks. After I have cut this pear into quarters, I'm just going to remove the seeds. It's not entirely necessary; it's not going to affect the taste too much, but, this is something that I like to do. The more pieces you cut this in to is going to create more surface area for the vodka to be in contact with, intensifying the flavor. Place those into the jar, and do the same thing with the apples.

Add Mid-Grade Vodka

Ok, now that we have the flavors in our jar we're going to infuse, we want to pick a vodka. A mid-grade vodka is fine, there's no sense in spending much money on something you're going to infuse yourself. And, just pour it in. Ok, at this point, your vodka is infusing. I have one apple, one pear, cut up into eighths. I'm going to just put the lid on.

Check on Vodka Regularly

What I like to do at this point is check up on it every day or so, and what I want to do is give it a little agitation. That helps the infusion process along a little bit. Ok, now I have an apple and pear infused vodka.

Add Cinnamon Stick

Let's say it's been going a couple of days and I want to try a different variation of something I've made, and I'm going to add a cinnamon stick in for good measure. Add the cinnamon stick, I'm just going to drop it in. Again, give it a little shake.

Strain Vodka With Cheese Cloth

Now that my infusion has reached its optimal flavor, I'm going to strain it. You want to get yourself a bowl of any kind, large enough to get the fluids into. I'm going to take some cheese cloth. Before I strain this vodka through the cheese cloth, what I'm going to do is try and get some of the bigger chunks out of here first. With a pair of tongs, I'm just going to discard.

Ok, now that all of the larger material is removed from your infusion, we're going to pour it through the cheese cloth and remove the rest of the sediment that might be in the bottom of this jar. The final step in your infusion process is to just put your vodka back in the bottle you started with. Just going to use a funnel.

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