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Video:5 Easy Whiskey Cocktails

with Stalin Sarmiento

Whiskey mixes great with different drinks and juices. Check out this video with 5 easy whiskey cocktail recipes that are great to serve at your next cocktail party. Learn how to pour, stir, and shake your cocktails like a pro.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Easy Whiskey Cocktails

Hello, my name is Stalin Sarmiento and I'm a bartender and mixologist at Rue B in the East Village, New York City and today I'm going to show you how to make 5 easy whiskey cocktails.

Whiskey Cocktail #1: Old Fashioned

Our first drink is going to be the old fashion. Of course we are going to use whiskey, as you can see I use three pieces of orange, I use four cherries, you pull the stems off the cherries, you leave them like so. Bitters, and sugar. We are going to start muddling the fruit. Your going to add the orange and the cherries. Next, we are going to do the sugar. In this case, this is what I usually do. Two dashes of regular bitters. One and two. We are going to add water. So, as you can see, I'm doing this much water, just to muddle the ingredients that you have in the glass. Try to be gentle with the muddle. Once we’re finished with this, we’re going to add the ice. Okay. Just like this, in this case we’re going to use four counts, which is four ounces, one two, three, and four. And then we stop. The last step will be the shaking, the shaking on this cocktail is not too hard, you just do it twice so you can mix everything up. So your going to do one and two. And, there you have it, and of course, we’re going to garnish this cocktail with an orange on the side. There's your old fashioned.

Whiskey Cocktail #2: The Manhattan

Now I'm going to show you how to make a Manhattan. For the Manhattan these are the ingredients that we’re going to need. Of course whiskey again, sweet vermouth, and of course regular bitters. I use a pint glass, you can use something similar to this, add some ice cubes and here we go. One two, three, four. I'm going to take the sweet vermouth and I'm going to do two counts and a half. One two and a half, and I'll stop. We’re going to take some bitters. Your going to do three dashes of bitters. One, two and three, please don’t shake a Manhattan. What I do is I put my hands on top of the glass and I go like this. The reason why we don’t shake it is because we don’t want to bruise the whiskey. And we’re going to pour like so, to finish this drink we’re going to garnish it with a regular cherry, and voila, theres your Manhattan.

Whiskey Cocktail #3: The Presbyterian

Our next whiskey cocktail is going to be the Presbyterian, its very simple to make, it’s great for a party, what we’re going to do is take a highball, you always use this highball. We’re going to add some ice, of course. Try to add as much ice as you can. So I'm going to count four. One, two, three, four. We’re going to add the club soda. The second one is going to be ginger, same thing, and this is it. What you’re going to do is your going to stir it, a little bit, so you mix everything up. And my secret, if you want to try something a little different, add some bitters. I'm going to do just one dash. And voila you are ready, this is your Presbyterian.

Whiskey Cocktail #4: The Whiskey Sour

Now we are doing the whiskey sour, what we’re going to need for it is of course whiskey, fresh lime juice, as well as simple syrup. We’re going to take, again, a highball glass, we’re going to add a lot of ice. Two counts of fresh lime juice. We’re going to stop. A lot of people think that’s done you just stir it, no, this one I would like you to shake because you have these two heavy ingredients with the whiskey. You’re going to do it like this, shake it like you mean it. We’re going to garnish this cocktail with a little cherry, and of course a lime on the side. And this is it, your whiskey sour.

Whiskey Cocktail #5: The Velvet Devil

Last our whiskey cocktail, its called a Velvet Devil. It’s a signature cocktail and its very popular here. We’re going to start with the glass. We’re going to add some ice, we’re going to do the count, one two, three, and four. We’re going to do two counts of the fresh blood orange juice, one and two. We’re going to do a splash of our sprite or seven up, one and two, and we fill up the glass. And of course to finish, the whole process, your going to use the orange bitters, which is going to give this drink a totally different flavor. Two dashes of that, one and two. We do not garnish this with anything, if you want to be fancy you can use a orange, and it will look perfect.

And there you have it this is the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan, the Presbyterian, the Whiskey Sour, and the Red Velvet Devil. My name is Stalin Sarmiento, I work at Rue B, I’m the main mixologist here. Check out about.com for more exciting videos.

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