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Video:3 Bartending Flair Tricks

with Justin Noel

Bartending is more than mixing drinks. In this how-to video from About.com, mixologist, Justin Noel, demonstrates three flair tricks from behind the bar.See Transcript

Transcript:3 Bartending Flair Tricks

Hi, my name is Justin Noel, proprietor here at 1534 Bar, located in Nolita, New York. Today we're going to be talking about flair - bar tricks, things that are fun to do as a bartender that gets the attention of the customer.

Bar Trick #1: Flame an Orange

The first thing we're going to show you is something every bartender should know how to do, and that is: flame an orange. Now, you should never, never as a bartender use a lighter to flame an orange, the reason is that you're going to add a chemical ingredient to your cocktails. So think about, you made this great drink and now you're going to add some butane to it -  gonna give it a little bit of a weird flavor. So, you should always carry a book of matches with you.

What you want to do is light the match, we're gonna take our orange zero, here. What you wanna do is take the match, put it close to the skin - this will bring out all of the oils. All right? Then you want to go for about three inches away, hold it right here and squeeze. And what that does is it caramelizing the oils on top. It's a really cool effect, especially in a really dark bar, like this bar gets at night. Do that in front of a customer, and watch people's eyes.

Bar Trick #2: Make Sparks Fly

So, the next trick that we're going to be doing, actually incorporates some flair in the midst of making a cocktail. What we're going to do is a drink that we do here at 1534 called a Baked Apple Sazerac. Take some high-proof absinthe, take our matches, get the absinthe burning. Now that have the absinthe burning, what we like to do, is you want to burn fresh cinnamon into it. And watch what happens when we do this: we get this nice little sparkling effect going on. And again, you do this in a busy dark bar, people just love this visuals of it.

Bar Trick #3: A Stall

So, our last flair trick that we're going to be doing, is what we consider working flairs, so it's more what you do while you work, then try to get the attention of a crowd. All right? And it's called a stall. All right, so what you want to do is grab your bottle, flick it straight up, catch it on the back of your hand like that, go from here, and pour - and there you go.

For more flair tracks and other things about cocktails, please visit About.com. Cheers!

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