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Video:Make a Story Book With Your Kids

with Kieran Moore

Writing, drawing, and decorating a homemade book is a creative craft that will spark your child's imagination. Find out a few simple ways to turn your kids into mini authors and help them assemble a custom book keepsake.See Transcript

Transcript:Make a Story Book With Your Kids

Hi, I'm Kathy Moore for If your kids love books as much as mine do, they are sure to like making a book of their very own. This program will demonstrate how to make a book with your child.

Supplies Needed to Make a Book With Kids

To start with, you will need:
  • color crayons or markers
  • white copy paper
  • colored construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a stapler or yarn

Making a Book With Older Children

The age of your child will determine how complex you want this project to be. If your child is old enough to read and write you can sit down with them as they write out a story that they can illustrate themselves. The story does not have to be too complicated. It might be the story of a summer vacation or a retelling of a fairy tale.

Making a Book With Younger Children

With younger children, you can do the writing and the child can provide the illustrations. If your kids are not into coloring, have them cut pictures out of magazines or coloring books and then let them glue the pictures onto pages that will later be assembled into a book.

Even young children can enjoy coloring in illustrations you draw.

Create the Book Cover

Once you have the pages of your storybook made, its time to create a cover. My kids like to use colored construction paper. Usually the cover will contain a drawing and of course the story title. Sometimes we decorate the covers with stickers, glitter or some other adornments.

Assemble the Homemade Book

When your storybook is ready to assemble, line up all the pages and staple them together or you can punch a couple of holes on the left side and have your child thread a piece of yarn through the holes to secure the pages. Do not forget to date your project, too, on the back.

After you and your child have finished this project you will have the storybook to read together and it will serve as another priceless addition to your collection of keepsakes.

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