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Video:Classic Summer Reading Books for High School Students

with Michael White

Summer reading is a great opportunity to catch up on classic pieces of literature. Check out these summer reading book suggestion for high school students.See Transcript

Transcript:Classic Summer Reading Books for High School Students

Hi! This is Michael White, 12th Grade English teacher for and today we're talking about classic summer reading for high school.

Coming of Age Summer Reading Books

Huckleberry Finn is Mark Twain's classic story about a young man and his slave Jim. They travel upriver to escape slavery and in the process Huck discovers what it means to be a man. It teaches us about the value of friendship and sacrifice.

Great Expectations about a young man named Pip who inherits a great deal of wealth from an unknown source. The money quickly moves him up the scale in London, however, at the same time it also teaches him about the dangers of ambition.

Dystopian Society Summer Reading

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a story of a dystopian future where people are created through genetics into class systems: alphas, betas, cappas... it also a story of a man who comes from another world, more like our own, and the clash that arises between those two worlds. It teaches us about the value of our own humanity and asks us how important technology really is.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury takes place in the future where books are burned. It is also the story of a policeman who is at odds with his own duties. It teaches us about the value of books and what it means to sacrifice for moral code.

Summer Reading Books by Female Authors

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen follows the character Elizabeth Bennett as she contends with morality, manners, marriage, education and culture. It teaches us that character far outweighs wealth and social rank.

Frankenstein is the classic Gothic novel by Mary Shelley about a young scientist and his creation. The story teaches us about pride and hubris and what it means to fool with things you really don't understand.

Those are a few ideas for Classic Summer High School Reading. For more information, go to

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