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Harry Potter lovers can find adventure and magic in many other children's books. Learn more about these book recommendations that Harry Potter lovers will enjoy.See Transcript

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Hi, I'm Elizabeth Bird. I'm a children's librarian with New York Public Library's Children's Center at 42nd Street, here for

What Is the Appeal of Harry Potter?

If you've finished all the Harry Potter books and you are hungry for more fantasy, here are some fantastic reads that you are going to love.

The appeal of the Harry Potter books is the ultimate wish fulfillment. It's the idea of being a nobody and them somebody come up to you and says you're special and not only are you special, you're famous, and not only are you special and you're famous, you can perform magic. So, Harry potter creates this whole alternate world and I think that's really the appeal.

The Dragon's Tooth Is a Good Book for Harry Potter Lovers

The first book is The Dragon's Tooth by N.D. Wilson. The characters, Cyrus and Antigone, they live with their older brother Daniel because their father has died, their mother's in a coma and like Harry Potter, they're special in some way. They discover that they have this legacy. They're keepers.

They're supposed to be a part of a magical school where they learn to take care of civilization itself, essentially. And like Harry Potter there is a big horrible bad villain.

The Floating Islands Is a Fun Book for Harry Potter Lovers

The next book that I have, if you like Hogwarts, from Harry Potter, you like the idea of one magical school, why not a book with 2 magical schools? This is The Floating Islands by Rachel Neumeier and in this book, Tray's entire world has been destroyed by a volcano, his entire town's been buried. He's the only one who survived and he's been sent to live with his Aunt and Uncle on the floating island, with his cousin Arone.

The first thing he sees are these flying guardians. You can train at this magical school to be like them, to ride the winds, and use wind magic in some way to fly, which is fantastic and it's all he wants to do. His cousin Arone is a girl and all she wants to be is a chef. But she can't, because on the floating islands, girls can't do anything. So she disguises herself as a boy and accidentally ends up in a school for magis and magic. It's really a fun read.

Kat, Incorrigible Is a Historical Book for Harry Potter Lovers

The next book is Kat, Incorrigible. This is by Stephanie Burgis. And this is a lot of fun if you're looking for historical fiction plus magic. It takes place in the Edwardian era and it stars Kat.

Her older sisters are about the right age to start getting married and their step mother wants to marry them off, particularly Alyssa, the eldest, to the really nasty Sir Nevil. So, it's up to Kat to figure out how to save them, it all sort of rounds out to a wonderful combination of historical fiction and magical abilities.

Small Persons With Wings Is a Book for Harry Potter Lovers About Fairies

This is Small Persons With Wings, and it's by Ellen Booraem. Small Persons With Wings refers to faeries. You don't want to call them fairies, if you do thy will try to hurt you. This stars Melly.

And she has for years been teased at school relentlessly because in kindergarten she claimed she knew a fairy and the she was going to bring him to school. She gets to move to a new school, which is great. They go to the new school, she goes to her new home and they open the door to their new home and the entire basement filled with fairies. Definitely worth reading.

Ogre of Ogleford Is a Great Book for Harry Potter Lovers

The last one is by the now late Eva Ibbotson. This is the Ogre of Ogleford. It's wonderful. This is your classic typical fantasy. A troll, a hag, a wizard and an orphan are sent on a quest to defeat an evil ogre who has kidnapped the beautiful princess Morella and is holding her captive. The Ogre of Ogleford is very good.

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