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Books about dragons have captivated young readers for decades. Take a look at these five dragon books that have stood, and continue to stand, the test of time.See Transcript

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Middle-grade readers love fantasy, and nothing says fantasy like dragons. Dragons may be big and scary and breathe fire, but they also make for loyal companions in these five middle-grade books. After all, some of us might remember Puff, the Magic Dragon.

Relatable Characters are the Center of Many Dragon Books

Christopher Paolini was just fifteen years old when he wrote and self-published the now famous book, Eragon. The title character of this New York Times Children’s Books Bestseller goes from farm boy to dragon rider when he finds a dragon egg and bonds with the newly hatched dragon, Saphira. Eragon has all the elements of classic fantasy including magic, a quest, and good versus evil.

A fantastic fantasy book you may not have heard of is Dragonkeeper by Australian author, Carole Wilkinson. Set in ancient China, this award-winning tale features a young girl and an old dragon on a journey to protect a mysterious stone. The bond between the girl and the dragon will enchant younger readers.

Almost anyone who has kids has seen the movie, How to Train Your Dragon, but did you know there are seven other dragon books from author, Cressida Cowell? The series chronicles the transformation of a shy and quiet Viking boy into a hero over the course of his adventures with dragons.

Dragon Books Are Epic Stories

Kids will relate to the awkward hero, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, and cheer as he overcomes his fears. Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke weighs in at around 500 pages but has enough action to keep readers hooked. Described by Barnes & Noble as "epic" and "magical," this bestselling story about a dragon and his companions’ quest to escape destruction and live in peace will satisfy young fantasy readers.

Originally published over 60 years ago, My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett, is a Newbery-honored tale about a boy who rescues a dragon. This is truly an engaging story with enough illustrations to entertain younger readers and plenty of fun to entertain even the big kids in all of us.

No matter which one of these wonderfully-written books your middle grade reader chooses, they are sure to enjoy spending time with one of fantasy’s most mythical creatures. One thing’s for sure, as a parent, you won’t have to resort to breathing fire to get your kids to read.

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