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Video:Tips for Teaching Kids Table Manners

with Katherine Lee

Teaching kids table manners is easy, as long as you follow a few simple steps. Watch this video to teach kids table manners so that they're ready for elegant dinner parties.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Teaching Kids Table Manners

Hi, I'm Katherine Lee from, and this is Laura Sullivan from Frame Events and Florals, and today she's going to show us how to teach children table manners. Laura? Hi Katherine, thank you.  Well today, I have my two favorite girls with me, Nika and Ava, and we're going to talk about table manners. 

Teach Kids Proper Posture at the Dinner Table

So, the first thing we're going to do girls is get our napkins, right? And where do they go? On our laps. Napkins on lapkins is what my mom used to say. And then, elbows go?  On your laps, not on the table. And you sit up straight, and you wait until everyone has been served before you start to eat. 

Teach Kids Table Manners During a Meal

And when you start to start to eat, you chew ... with your mouth closed. Very good!  You don't even need me. Well done. Now, if by chance you want to be excused? "May I be excused?" You may both be excused.  But don't forget that you always leave your napkin on your seat before you go. 

Back to you, Katherine.  Thank you so much, Laura.  And for more go to

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