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Video:Teach Kids How to Tell Time on Clocks

with Kathy Moore

Teaching kids how to tell time on clocks is important Even though digital clocks are everywhere. Find out how you can determine whether your child is ready to learn about clocks, and see some simple tools that help teach time.See Transcript

Transcript:Teach Kids How to Tell Time on Clocks

Hi, I'm Kathy Moore for About.com. Learning to tell time is an important milestone for every child. This program will show you how to teach your child the basics of telling time on an analog clock.

Display Clocks in the Home

Before you begin teaching your child how to tell time, try raising her awareness of clocks and timekeeping. For instance, I placed a clock on the wall in my kid's room and next to it I drew a picture showing a clock displaying the time that their favorite cartoon begins.

When Can Kids Learn Clocks?

You will know your child is ready to learn how to tell time when she can count to sixty and understands the concepts of before and after.

Learning the Concept of Clocks

Teaching kids how to tell time revolves around three basic concepts. There are sixty minutes in every hour. The short or little hand shows what hour it is. And the long or big hand shows the minutes.

Tools to Learn Clocks

Once your child understands these 3 concepts, help her create her own clock by having her draw the numbers 1 through 12 on a paper plate. Next, use a fastener to attach hands, which have been cut from colored construction paper. Then, have your child practice by setting her paper clock to important times of the day, such as lunchtime, story time or bed time.

Raise Awareness of Time and Clocks

As you go through your day remind your child what time it is. For example. I say "it is 3:00, time to go to the store." Or "8:00 time for bed!" Connecting the time of day to activities is a great way to help your child understand how clock time relates to daily life.

You can also find children's books about clocks and telling time at the library or bookstore. Some even have clocks that kids can adjust along with the story.

Once your child has learned how to tell time this way, it is easy to help them transfer their new knowledge to digital clocks. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at About.com.

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