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Video:How to Teach Kids to Set a Table

with Katherine Lee

Teaching kids to set a table can be easy, as long as you follow a few easy steps. Watch this video for great ideas for teaching kids to set a table.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Teach Kids to Set a Table

Hi I'm Katherine Lee for, and this is Laura Sullivan from Frame, Events, and Florals and today she's going to show us how to teach children how to set a table. Laura? Thank you, Katherine. 

Use Chargers to Set a Table

Today I have my two favorite helpers, Nika and Ava, and we're going to learn how to set a proper table.  So this is a holiday table, so it's a little special. I have my pretty silver placemats, they're like beads.  They're right here on the table in front of us now.  The next thing we want to do is put a gold charger on top. Do you know what the charger is? It's a baby-sitter of the real plate. That's exactly what it is. 

Set the Left Side of the Table Setting

So this table today is silver and gold, so we started with our silver placemat, our gold charger, and our beautiful, white, simple plate.  Next we need a napkin.  Now usually they will go up on the left.  But today, since it's a formal party, we're putting it right smack in the middle, right there, so our nice guests get to look at the pretty one in the middle.  Next thing are the forks. We'll start with the big fork on the left side, closest to your mat. So that will be your formal fork that will go right there. Perfect.

Set the Right Side of the Table Setting

The next thing is your knife. The knife goes on the right side, that’s right. And the blade of the knife always faces in, to make sure it doesn’t point or hurt anybody on your right or your left.  The next thing is your salad fork, and that will be the small fork. And that will go and baby-sit the big fork. So we're going to put the little fork right here next to the big one. And then the spoons. This isn't a soup spoon -- that spoon would go right on the top. This is a dessert spoon, a coffee spoon, and that's going to go right next to our beautiful knife. 

And there it is. Happy Holidays. Back to you, Katherine. Thank you for those great tips, Laura. For more, go to

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