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Video:How to Make a Holiday Tablescape

with Katherine Lee

This holiday tablescape is a festive, elegant way to decorate your dining table for a holiday party. Watch this video for great ideas for a holiday tablescape.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Holiday Tablescape

Hi I'm Katherine Lee for, and this is Laura Sullivan, from Frame Events and Florals, and today she's going to show us how to make a holiday tablescape. Hi, happy holidays. Happy holidays to you.  Tell me about this gorgeous table you've created, tell me about these colors you've used.

Dinnerware for a Holiday Tablescape

Well, every year I pick two colors for my holiday table.  This year, I felt a little disco-y, a little glittery.  We all need a little bit of the brightness, so I did gold and silver as my base.  I used a silver placemat with gold chargers -- everyone should have gold and silver chargers, just to have -- then white plates, white tablecloths with a clean palate.

Tell me about this glittery material that's on the tablecloth, it looks like a runner?  It does, but it's actually an Indian curtain, it's sheer.  There's a white one under it, very inexpensive, and you wouldn't know. And elegant. 

Centerpieces for a Holiday Tablescape

Tell me about these cones. They're actually made of cardboard. Inside there's wiring that keeps them stiff.  Then all you do is take a mesh ribbon, wrap them tightly, cover it all with glue, and glitter, glitter, glitter your brains out, and it stands up nicely and it looks nice. These balls are just Christmas ornaments. I actually made this garland, which is really easy to do.  You just take a wire and wrap it around this thing here, just tied together. Just tie together these pieces of glitter and these little balls, and that sort of works. 

I see you have silver candleholders, and what is this? This is what is called a cracker, and they're from England, and they use them on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve or New Year's. Anyway, you sit next to your family member or friend, you pull one side, I pull the other, and out come surprises.

Florals for a Holiday Tablescape

Tell us also about the floral design.  I see that you have a white arrangement here? The easiest thing to do is one color -- obviously it's all white -- and then three different ingredients with different textures.  In this case it's the white spider mums, the white hydrangea, and the white alstroemeria.  And then, because I can't help myself, a little Liberace leaf goes in there to tie in all the other glitter, and that's it -- there's the table. 

I love it. It's simple, it's beautiful, it's elegant.  And not expensive. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me. For more, go to About.

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