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Video:How to Make a Holiday Candle Holder With Kids

with Katherine Lee

Making holiday candle holders with kids is a fun way to prepare for the holidays. Watch this video to learn how to make a holiday candle holder with kids.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Holiday Candle Holder With Kids

Hi I'm Katherine Lee from, and this is Nanette from  And today she's going to show us how to make some candleholders.

Use Glitter to Make a Candle Holder With Kids

Sure. These are the simplest candleholders on the planet, and they will make your holiday table look beautiful. Awesome, that sounds great. So, we need glitter.  We need some school glue.  We want to get some rice, and just some simple plastic cups from the store.  First thing you're going to do is take your glue -- this is why kids love this one -- and you're just going to put the glue everywhere. And we take our cup, and we are literally just going to roll that glue on there.  It doesn't matter if the glue covers the entire cup, because if there's no glue, it means the light will shine through. Oh, nice! So let's make a green one to start. It's like breading a chicken filet. You just roll it in the glue. That's beautiful! It's just so simple and pretty, and they really light up the table. 

Use Rice to Make a Candle Holder With Kids

What is the rice for? The rice is going to hold up the candle so you don't have any falling or tipping. I actually like to use tea lights because they're small and aren't going to fall over, and also they shine right through it. I'm going to borrow the tea light from this one. And you put it in, and that's it.  You can make a whole bunch of them to assemble on the table. You can even use different-sized cups so you have levels and that's it!  Simple. And then you can light that -- you, not your child.  And you have beautiful candles on your table.

Thank you so much for showing us this simple and beautiful candleholder. For more, go to

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