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Video:How to Make a Flat Superman-themed Cake

with Amanda

Superman is an icon and a great theme for a party. Learn how to decorate a Superman sheet cake to make the next celebration extra special.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Flat Superman-themed Cake

Hi, I’m Amanda with and today we’re going to give you some step-by-step directions on how to decorate a Superman Themed Cake.

To Decorate a Superman Cake, You'll Need:

  • One sheet of your favorite cake already baked
  • One to two containers of white cake frosting
  • One package of food coloring
  • One roll of parchment paper
  • Mixing bowls
  • Afew spatulas
  • A picture you are going to use as a guide.

Mix the Cake Frosting and Food Coloring to Make Superman Colors

First, you’re going to want to mix your colors. For this cake we are going to need three colors: blue, red, and yellow. Start off by spooning about half the container of icing into a bowl. Next, take the blue food coloring and put about three healthy squeezes in, more if necessary, and using the spoon mix well. Next, we can do the same with the red and yellow. Once you have all your colors mixed, you are ready to begin. Starting with the blue icing spread an even amount all over the cake completely covering it. Next we can move onto the detail.

Pipe Cake Frosting for the Superman Logo

Grab your parchment paper and tear off a medium sized piece. Using two hands wrap the parchment paper into a cone shape like this. Once you have your cone shape fold at the tip like this to secure. Next, use your spatula and pour the red icing into the cone about half way full. Then, you want to wrap the end up to seal it in the cone. Next, use a scissor and cut a small portion off the tip of the cone to make an opening. Go ahead and do the same with the yellow icing. Once you have the two cones filled you are ready to go. Starting with the red icing you want to begin by tracing your image. For this design we are going to trace the classic Superman symbol.

First, let’s trace the outside. Start with the top, then the sides, and last the bottom. Now move on to the inside. Again, start with the top, then the sides, and last the bottom. Once you have the outline done you can fill in the inside. Next we can move onto the S. Start with the inside of the S. Then, move onto the bottom, then the top and the sides. Once you have the outline done, you can go ahead and fill it in. Now, for the yellow. With the yellow all you have to do is fill in the remaining middle sections and you’re done. A super cake fit for any occasion!

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