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Video:How to Make a Christmas Wreath With Kids

with Katherine Lee

Making a Christmas wreath with kids is a great craft to get in the holiday spirit. Watch this video to learn how to make a Christmas wreath with kids.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Christmas Wreath With Kids

Hi, I'm Katherine Lee from, and this is Nanette from, and today she's going to show us how to make a great Christmas wreath with kids. 

Cut the Frame to Make a Christmas Wreath With Kids

What we do first is go to your local stationery store and get yourself card stock or posterboard, and what you're going to do from your large piece is take a bowl, trace around, take a smaller bowl, and trace around, and then you're going to cut that out. The cutting is a little tricky, so it's best to do the cutting for your child. Ok, simple, simple, once again, we just want to make something beautiful and simple. You're going to glue up the whole wreath. So it doesn't matter how you apply it.

Use Tissue Paper to Make a Christmas Wreath With Kids

No, the glue just gets on there.  And now we take our paper like this, and this is just tissue paper I've cut into squares, and I like to use different colors, because it adds a little dimension to the project.  So basically, you squish it up like and boom.  Just go around the entire wreath, and because it's wreathy, you don’t have to worry about how it looks, in terms of perfect.  You go all the way around like that, and then add a little extra.

Add Glitter to Make a Christmas Wreath With Kids

Take your glue again, and put dots wherever you want to see a little glitter, of course.  Then we just take our sequins one by one and press them on for a little bling on your wreath. Yeah, everyone likes a little bling at Christmas, right?  Bascially, you just go all the way around, and then you just take a piece of ribbon, simple, and it can be any color you prefer, and you just cut a small loop, first you need a loop in the back, if you're going to hang it.  I like to cheat and make things easy so I use tape.  And because this isn't a very heavy project, tape will be fine. Right, because it's just paper. Yeah, just so you have some way to hang it. Oh, that's really adorable. 

Finish Making a Christmas Wreath With Kids

There's your hanger, and then you can either make or buy a bow to put on top.  It can be gold, it can be red, silver, whatver you like.  Again, perfection is not what we're after, just beauty.  So once you've finished putting all of your tissue paper around and decorating it, you apply a bow, like so, and you are done.

It's adorable.  Thank you so much for this great craft idea that you can make with your kids.  For more, go to

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