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Video:How to Make a Christmas Centerpiece With Kids

with Katherine Lee

Making a Christmas centerpiece with kids is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Watch this video to learn how to make a beautiful floral Christmas centerpiece with kids.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Christmas Centerpiece With Kids

Hi, I'm Katherine Lee for and this is Laura Sullivan for Frame, Events and Florals, and today, she's going to show us how to make a Christmas centerpiece with kids. 

Use Food Coloring for a Christmas Centerpiece With Kids

Ok, so, Ava and Nika, what we want to do -- is the colors of this centerpiece are going to be pink and red.  So, I've got pink flowers -- pink and red alstroemeria, red carnations and some pink carnations.  Ok, so, the thing that might make this pretty is to make this a red vase.  But I don't have a red vase.  Here's our number-one secret: food coloring.  You put two drops in and see what happens.  Ok, now Ava's turn -- and there you go.  Let's use a rose to stir.  See, it looks like we have a red vase but we don't. 

Arrange Flowers for a Christmas Centerpiece With Kids

Let's just leave that red rose in there and now we're going to start our arranging.  Everyone take a rose and put a rose on all four corners for me.  Ok, good.  And now, we're gonna fill it with carnations.   The way these carnations work is, if you make them into a nice little bundle, that makes a bouquet and stick those right there next to the roses. Good job, and then we're going to put some alstroemeria there and how about some more roses, Ava?  Let me give you dome more roses so that the pink and red is equal. 

Tips for Making a Christmas Centerpiece With Kids

There you go, and as we're doing this, we're going to make sure that all the stems are clean on the bottom so we don't have any algae -- that's the dirt that forms on the bottom.  And, don't forget, we've got nice red carnations here too. It's starting to look pretty, isn't it? We're getting very close, guys.  Now, let's take a look -- look all over, make sure it's even. We're going to push this in a little more. Just one more little bundle, all right. Should we put in some buds? Sure, buds break up the color, which is kind of nice. Isn't that pretty?  Good job, girls. Good job. One more little bud in here, and there you are!

Thank you, this is a fabulous centerpiece for Christmas. Thank you so much, Laura, for showing us how to do this. Thank you, girls. And for more, go to

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