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Video:How to Make a Birthday Party Invite With Microsoft Word

with David Dietrich

Learn how to make a birthday party invite with Microsoft Word by following these easy instructions.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Birthday Party Invite With Microsoft Word

Hello, David Dietrich here with Today we are going to take a look at how to create a childrens birthday party invitation using Microsoft word.

Instructions for Making a Birthday Party Invite With Microsoft Word

To do this we are going to use some key features from Microsoft Word including Word Art, Clipart, borders, and text formatting.

The first thing we will do is add a title using Word Art, click the insert tab and select word art from the text group. Select the style you want to use and enter your text in the box that appears, then click ok. Resize the word art by mousing over the corner until you see little arrows, than hold down your mouse button and drag to the desired size.

Click in the space beneath the word art to deselect it. Next we will insert some clipart. Select the insert tab and click clipart in the illustrations group. In the clipart panel we will search for birthday and select a piece of clipart that goes with our theme. Scale the clipart to fit on the page and leave enough space for the rest of your information.

Customizing a Birthday Party Invite With Microsoft Word

Now we can enter a subtitle, the date and time of the party, the address it will be held at, and some important information the guests will need to know. Finally we will enter contact information for RSVP.

Now let's do some formatting to make this look more presentable. I'm going to hold down the control key and hit "A" to select all. Now navigate to the home tab and under the paragraph group click align center. Next let's get rid of the extra spacing between our lines. Right click on the selected text to bring up an options menu. Select paragraph and change the spacing to zero.

Let's adjust the size and color of our text. We will make the subtitle size 28 and change the color to orange using the text tools found under the home tab. The rest of the text we will change to size 14 and leave it black. Now let's put a border that highlights the information about the party.Click on the down arrow of the borders button and select borders and shading. Select the color and style of border you want to use and click ok. Now select the top line of your party information and apply a top border and on the bottom line apply a bottom border.

Final Touches for Making a Birthday Party Invite With Microsoft Word

Finally go back to the border and shading menu and select the page border tab. Select the color of border you would like and a style or you can use the art drop down for a different look. Make sure you have whole document selected and click apply.

Print out one invitation to proof read, if there are no corrections to be made you are ready to print out the rest.

Well I hope that was helpful. There are a variety of applications for the concepts we went over today. If you would like to know more, check us out at
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