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Ombre is not only a hot trend in fashion and beauty, but now you can apply it to decorating eggs as well! In this About.com video, learn how to create the ombre effect on your Easter eggs.See Transcript

Transcript:Easy Ombre Eggs

Katherine Lee: Hi I'm Katherine Lee for about.com and this is Megan Nicolay. She is the author of the Generation T T-Shirt Books Series and today, she is going to show us how to make easy Ombre eggs.  

Megan Nicolay:  Yes. So Ombre is so in, in terms of fashion and wearable things, even tote bags.  I see it everywhere. So why not apply it to this amazing Easter tradition and rather than just playing old dyed eggs, let's get a nice creation of color from the bottom to top.

Use Hardboiled or Blown Eggs for an Ombre Effect

What you'll need is of course some eggs, they can either be hardboiled or blown eggs.  If you're using blown eggs, I like to use a skewer, it helps keep them down and you have a little bit more control over the egg.  Also some tape.  And then we have the dye.  I have premixed the dye. You're just choosing 1 color basically to make this creation.  So I went with green, a nice spring color and then you want a jar basically as many as colors that you are using and some paper towels. 

Place Eggs in Jar with Dye, Let Absorb for 5 Minutes

So to start, we are going to take one of our eggs and very gently place it into our jar.  And then I take the skewer and this is really just to give us a little bit control over our egg.  So now we're ready to pour the dye on.  In about 3/4 cup of dye, we are only going to pour about a quarter of that amount.  We're just trying to cover just the bottom of the egg.

Katherine Lee:  Oh just the bottom.

Megan Nicolay:  And let the dye absorb for about 5 minutes. 

Katherine Lee:  But you don't stand there with this.

Pour More Dye into Jar, Wait Another 5 Minutes

Megan Nicolay: So that's where the tape comes in. Now that the first 5 minutes have passed, we are going to pour a little bit more dye in. Bringing that water line or rather that dye line just a little bit higher. We are just leaving this here for another 5 minutes to let the dye set.  So now we wait another 5 minutes to get this 3rd segment dyed and after 5 minutes more, we are going to pour in the rest of the dye completely submerged the egg and wait out those last 5 minutes. There you have it.  Your Ombre egg, a little bit lighter right here and gradually getting darker to this end of the egg.

Katherine Lee:  It's beautiful.  Thank you for showing us this craft.  For more, go to about.com.

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