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Using shaving cream to dye eggs, is not only a fun activity that involves the whole family, but allows you to create a cool marble effect as well. In this video, learn how to use shaving cream to dye eggs, just in time for Easter!See Transcript

Transcript:Cool Shaving Cream Egg Dye

Katherine Lee:  Hi I'm Katherine Lee for and this is Megan Nicolay. She is the author of the Generation T T-Shirt Books Series and today, she is going to show us how to decorate Easter eggs using shaving cream, Megan.

Megan Nicolay:  True. Shaving cream you wouldn't think as your traditional egg dying experience but it creates a really fascinating mobilized effect on the surface of your eggs.  So to get started, what you'll need to do is get a tray to keep everything contained.  Eggs of course, they can be hardboiled or blown eggs.  Some plastic gloves just to make sure you don't end up tied on your fingers. Shaving cream of course are magic ingredient.  The spoon is really just a tool to help you to move out the surface of the shaving cream and then of course the dyes, just traditional food coloring you can get at your grocery store.

Place Shaving Cream on the Bottom of Tray

On the other side, once they are out of the shaving cream, you just need some sort of a drying rack and some paper towels on hand.  So first, we are going to take our shaving cream and lay down a layer on the bottom of our tray.  So then I just grab a spoon and knife will work too and I just smooth out the top of the shaving cream.

Katherine Lee:  Oh why do you have to do that?

Megan Nicolay:  It will just make a much easier surface to drop our dyes onto it.

Katherine Lee:  Oh got it okay.

Drop Dyes onto Shaving Cream

Megan Nicolay:  So we are just taking the dyes and dropping them.  Putting liberally over the surface.

Katherine Lee:  Oh this part must be fun for kids.  I can only imagine. 

Drag Spoon through Shaving Cream to Create Marble Effect

Megan Nicolay:  So then we went to take our spoon and use the end actually to create the mobilized effect.  And I do that just by running it through the colors so you can also use like a skewer or toothpick.  It will give you a little bit more definition in your swirls but since we have the spoon, might as we'll use both ends of it.  So then I take the gloves because this is about to get messy.  Once my gloves are on, I take my egg and simply push it into the marbled surface and then gently roll it.  Now the egg is fully covered.  I'm going to take it out of the shaving cream and bring it over to the drying rack.

Let Eggs Dry

Katherine Lee:  Oh just like that, like all the film on it.

Megan Nicolay:  Still with all the film on it.

Katherine Lee:  Wonderful.

Megan Nicolay:  Actually you're going to let the dye sit and soak in for a little bit.  Leave it for about 4-5 minutes.  So now that our 4-5 minutes have passed, just wiping off the shaving cream and then just rinse it really quickly under some cold water just to get the rest of the shaving cream off but not enough so that you're done with any of these amazing color.

Katherine Lee:  Right.  Right.  They're gorgeous. Thank you so much for showing us this craft.  For more, go to

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