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Video:5 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts for Kids

with Katherine Lee

Try these quick and healthy breakfasts for kids to ensure they get their nutrients in the morning. Watch this video from About.com for 5 great quick and healthy breakfasts for kids.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts for Kids

Hi, I'm Katherine Lee for About.com and this is Danielle from Cooked in Brooklyn, and today we are going to show you how to make some wonderful breakfasts -- some great breakfast ideas. So Danielle, where do we start?

Egg Sandwiches Are a Quick and Healthy Breakfast for Kids

Okay, this is pretty basic, but it's still good to know and remember when you're making breakfast. I just toasted an English muffin -- a whole wheat one -- just for a little bit of a healthier option, and I fried an egg. And all I did then was slap a piece of cheese on there and you have a breakfast sandwich. And you can also add a piece of protein in that for a more complete, balanced breakfast. Wonderful. And you can take this with you if you're running late. Oh, yeah. A piece of foil; go. Bye. Great. Perfect. And what's the next item?

Oatmeal Is a Quick and Healthy Breakfast for Kids

I actually happened to prepare some oatmeal, which is so heart-healthy and such a complete grain. I just basically did a cup of milk and a half of cup of oatmeal. I sweetened it with a little bit of honey and added some cinnamon. And that's it. So you boiled that together with the milk and oatmeal over a low heat. Yes, and I just simmer it down till the oatmeal is absorbed. Yum, that sounds good. It smells good. Actually, it really does.

Breakfast Burritos Are a Quick and Healthy Breakfast for Kids

Okay, our next thing is a breakfast burrito, which people just forget to make, I think. And I just basically had a little bit of salsa, and just lined the burrito. And don't overfill; that's a big common mistake. And just put a little bit of scrambled eggs in there, and then just a little bit of cheese. Do you know, I've never made a breakfast burrito? No! No, I never have. But see, now you will be. You see how easy it is? And this is why I talk about not overfilling because it gets a little hard. And kids will eat this, right? It looks delicious. Yeah! I mean, you can always just serve it with a side of beans too, even in the morning. Oh, right! That's healthy.

Cereal Is a Quick and Healthy Breakfast for Kids

And the other thing that I always do -- I know this sounds so basic -- is just cold cereal. If you're on the run, I mean, it's pretty healthy. But just remember, especially if you're serving this to children, to keep it under 10 grams of sugar. You know, if you go and look at the side of the box, just read that because the amount of sugar in some of the children's cereals is startling. Really? It is. And you can always just finish it with some fresh strawberries if you like. Just slice them up and serve them with some skim milk. That sounds great. And you should also make sure it's whole grain cereal, right? You should try.

Smoothies Are a Quick and Healthy Breakfast for Kids

And then the last thing that I find that is super easy and super delicious is just a smoothie in the morning. So you can put strawberries, a banana -- and you know the banana is just the most perfect food ever—some OJ, so about a cup? I would say about six ounces. And then some yogurt. And then we just blend this. And then, Katherine, I just blended this for about literally 20 seconds. And I have a finished product of a yummy, yummy smoothie.

Oh, yum! Thank you so much, Danielle, for showing us these wonderful quick, healthy, and easy breakfast ideas. Anytime!

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