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Video:5 Easy, Healthy After School Snacks

with Katherine Lee

Try one of these easy, healthy after school snacks to make sure your kids are eating well when they come home from class. Watch this video from About.com for 5 great after school snacks.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Easy, Healthy After School Snacks

Hi, I'm Katherine Lee for About.com. And this is Danielle from Cooked in Brooklyn.  And today we're going to show you how to make five quick, easy and delicious after-school snacks. So, Danielle, where do we start?

Fresh Fruit Is an Easy, Healthy After School Snack

Okay. I usually just generally do fresh fruit. And I also bring aboard some berries, which, you know, is fresh fruit as well. But then I also take the berries and I generally just rinse them and take the stems off because I cannot stand it when children put the stems back in the bowl. Oh, right, after they eat it. Yes. But it will disappear within minutes because those kids are velociraptors.

Quesadillas Are an Easy, Healthy After School Snack

And then my next go-to item -- and this is a huge crowd-pleaser -- is just a quesadilla. It's a whole-wheat flour tortilla with some cheese. Cheddar, muenster, whatever you have lying around -- Swiss, if kids like it -- mozzarella, and then I just brown it in the pan with a little bit of butter, and just cut it with a pizza cutter and just serve it with sour cream and some store-bought salsa.

Ooh, wow, that's easy! Yeah, and, I mean, you do three or four of these in, like minutes, and you've got five kids totally snacked out. That's awesome. And maybe you could add some avocados on there too, on top? Absolutely, yes. Whatever you have lying around. I mean, even, like, a piece of ham or chicken. Oh, that's brilliant!

Baby Carrots Are an Easy, Healthy After School Snack

My next thing, which is I think pretty much one of the easiest things you can do is open a bag of baby carrots -- ooh, that's hard -- and then you put some store-bought hummus in there. And it's healthy, and you have protein, and you've got a vegetable -- very frightening for children usually. But they seem to like this. They like the crisp, crunchiness of the carrots and the texture of the hummus. Very nice.

Smoothies Are an Easy, Healthy After School Snack

One of my other things, Katherine, which it's one of the easiest things as well, is just a smoothie. People are kind of intimidated by smoothies, generally, but it's basically just strawberries, and a banana, and then some store-bought orange juice -- a little bit of sunshine -- and some yogurt. And I'm just gonna blend that and we're good to go on that. Awesome. Here you go. I mean, this literally takes seconds.

Oh my God, that smells so good. Ooh. Don't drink it all! Can I have it now? I know you!

A Glass of Milk Is an Easy, Healthy After School Snack

And then my last thing. And this is like, the most quick thing. But it's healthy and it just satiates the children. It is, hello, a glass of milk and can you hand me an apple? Sure! And then, you are back to the playground after this. Wow. Awesome. Ah! My apple's rolling.

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