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Having a good babysitter is integral to your child's happiness and your own peace of mind. In this About.com video, learn the warning signs of a bad babysitter.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: Signs of a Bad Babysitter

Hi, this is SerahRose Roth for About.com, and today we're going to talk about signs of a bad babysitter.

Signs of a Bad Babysitter

As a parent, your instructions are key. If you see that the kids aren't doing their homework, aren't eating the right foods, aren't getting to bed on time-and worse, the babysitter seems to be humoring you on when you give them those instructions-you need to find someone more reliable.

You also need reliability. A babysitter needs to realize part of the reason they're being hired is so parents can make room for plans in their adult lives. Arriving late, bringing over friends and dates, blowing off appointments - especially last-minute - defeats the entire purpose of hiring that babysitter. Pay attention to your kids. Many kids whine and moan about being left with the babysitter and that's normal. But if they seem nervous or genuinely scared about being left alone with the babysitter, listen to your instincts. There may be a more serious situation at hand.

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