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Video:Quick Tip: How Does Daycare Work?

with SerahRose Roth

Figuring out when you should enter your child in day care can be confusing. In this About.com video, learn what a daycare center is, and when and if your child should attend.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: How Does Daycare Work?

Hi, this is SerahRose Roth for About.com, and today we're going to talk about how daycare works.

What are Daycare Centers?

Daycare centers are locations that provide a central and consistent option for childcare. They typically operate extended hours, which makes it an excellent option for parents who need full-time childcare while they work.

How Much are Daycare Centers?

Daycare centers can be pricey, but there are private daycare centers, ones set up in schools and offices, and publicly funded daycare services.

When should Children Attend Daycare?

Daycare is typically available until children start attending school, around the ages of 4-5. Many services are offered to children in daycare, including arts and crafts and group play. Some daycare centers will provide meals, snacks, and diapers, but be sure to check out the center's policies, and if they can accommodate any special needs.

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