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Video:Balance Family Life and Self

with Anne-Marie Barton

Anne-Marie Barton shares her thoughts on how Today's modern moms can maintain their sense of self.See Transcript

Transcript:Balance Family Life and Self

I'm Anne-Marie Barton. Today more than ever, women really can do it all. But if we wait until after the kids are gone it might be too late to find out who we really are. I remember so looking forward to raising my family, nothing was more important to me. We've all hear our mothers say there's no better time in our lives, and there isn't, but whether you have a large or a small family, it's important to pursue your goals or your dreams all along the way.

The Balancing Challenge

As women it's hard sometimes to both enjoy the season we are in while preparing for the next. Men on the pother hand seem to be constantly developing themselves, with their professions, at home, and of course at play.

Finding your Passion

Although one of our finest contributions is our children, it's ourselves that we end up with in the end. So go out there and find something that you're passionate about. For me it was my love for creating homes and special spaces. Whatever it is do it and do it well.

So after you've changed your final diaper and driven your last car pool you can enliven yourself and the lives of others. Our children truly benefit from seeing us challenge ourselves and seeing us enjoy a few successes, while still being just mom.

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