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Video:Learn About Chess Piece Moves

with Zachary Powell

Learn the different chess piece moves so that you know how to move the pieces around a chess board. Here is a tutorial on chess piece moves.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn About Chess Piece Moves

Hi, my name is Zachery Powell -- I'm with Today I'm going to teach you how chess pieces move.

Set Up Your Chess Board to Learn Chess Piece Moves

You need a board and 16 pieces on one side and 16 on the other side, with one side being light and one side being dark. The right hand corner of each player should be the light color. The first thing you want to do is set up your king and queen. They go on the center in the back row. The queen will be on her color and the king will be on the opposite color. On the other side of the king and queen you have your two bishops and on the either side of your bishops you have your two knights. On the outside would be your two rooks, and all your pawns would take up your front row.

The King and Queen's Chess Piece Moves

The king is the most important piece; it is also the tallest piece. The king has very limited movements. He can only move one space in any direction forward, backwards or diagonal. The king can capture any piece as long as it's in its moving range. The king can never move to a space that would allow him to be captured. The queen is the most powerful chess piece, and can move in any direction for any distance without jumping over any chess pieces.

Learn the Chess Piece Moves for Bishops, Knights and Rooks

There are two bishops, one on each color. The bishops can move diagonal for any distance without jumping over a piece. The knight is a very interesting piece. It can move forward and back, left or right two spaces and then left or right one space. It is the only one that can jump over other chess pieces. The rook, sometimes called the castle, can move forward, backwards, left and right, any distance without jumping over another piece.

The Pawn's Chess Piece Moves

Your pawn is the most basic piece; it can only move one space forward unless it's the pawn's opening move -- then it can move two spaces forward. Your pawn cannot move backwards, or cannot move side to side. It can move diagonal and can only move diagonal to take an opponent's piece. The pawn cannot take your opponent's piece while using the forward movement. Check is when the king can be taken in the next move. When you are checked, you must either move the king out of danger or use another piece to block or take the threatening piece. When your king can no longer move out of danger, then you are now in checkmate. That's the end of the game. Thank you very much for watching. For more information, visit us at
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