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Video:How to Set Up a Chess Board

with Paul Sampson

Learn how to set up a chess board so you can play this challenging but enjoyable game. Here is a tutorial on how to set up a chess board.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Set Up a Chess Board

Hi, I'm Paul Sampson for, and today I'm going to show you how to set up a chess board. All you need are a chess board, the pieces and someone to play with.

Line Up Your Board Correctly to Set Up a Chess Board

Start by lining up your board. As you face your opponent, the bottom, right corner of the board should be white. If the bottom right corner is black, rotate the board like this.

Set Up a Chess Board With Pawns, Rooks, Knights and Bishops

Now put your pieces on the board. Each player has 16 pieces -- half of them are pawns. Pawns are the smallest pieces. Place the pawns all the way across the second to last row. The black pieces go together, and the white pieces go together. Next, start at the corners with your rooks. They look like they belong on a castle. Place the knights next. The knights look like horses. The bishops follow the knights and go next to them on the board. Each bishop will usually have two slashes in the top of the piece.

Place the King and Queen in the Center to Set Up a Chess Board

Now you are left with just the kings and queens. The queen usually has a crown on top. Put the queen on her own color. So if the queen is white, she goes on a white square. The black queen goes on a black square. You should only have just two pieces left -- the kings. They typically have a cross at the top. Put the kings on the remaining squares along the back rows.

Tips for Setting Up a Chess Board

The pieces on your chess set might look different, but here's a tip that might help: we just put the pieces on in order of height. Most chess sets are made this way. The pawns are the shortest pieces on the board, followed by the rooks, knights, bishops, queen and king. Now you're ready to play. Thanks for watching. To learn more, join us on the web at

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