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Video:What Are Types of Chemical Reactions

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There are 5 main types of chemical reactions. This video will describe and provide examples of each type of chemical reaction.See Transcript

Transcript:What Are Types of Chemical Reactions

Today we'll be going over the different types of chemical reactions. 

Chemical Reactions: Synthesis

A synthesis reaction occurs when two or more elements or compounds combine and create a new and more complex product (A+B--->C). An example of a synthesis reaction is the combination of sulfur and iron to form iron sulfide.  

Chemical Reactions: Decomposition

A decomposition reaction is one where a compound breaks down into smaller and less complex elements or compounds (AB--->A+B or ABC--->A+B+C). An example of a decomposition reaction is the electrolysis of water to make oxygen and hydrogen gas.  

Chemical Reactions: Single Displacement

A displacement reaction is a reaction where an element replaces, or displaces, a less active element in a compound. Iron will replace copper in a copper II chloride solution, producing iron II chloride and copper.

Chemical Reactions: Double Displacement

A double displacement reaction is a reaction where two compounds react and form new compounds. The formation of more stable compounds, such as of a water or a precipitate, powers these reactions (AB+CD--->AD+CB). Barium nitrate and sodium sulfate will form barium sulfate, the precipitate, and sodium nitrate.

Chemical Reactions: Combustion

A combustion reaction is an exothermic reaction that occurs when oxygen and another element or compound are combined. A basic combustion reactions occurs when carbon in the form of charcoal reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide and heat.

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