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Video:Burning Money Magic Trick

with Anne Marie Helmenstine

Here's a trick where you set your money on fire, yet you don't actually burn it. See what chemicals prevent fire from burning money, and try it in the classroom.See Transcript

Transcript:Burning Money Magic Trick

Hi, I'm Dr. Anne Helmenstine for You probably don't have money to burn, but that doesn't mean you can't set it on fire. I'm going to show you how to perform a fire trick in which you set a bill on fire, but it won't burn so you'll still have it to spend later. Are you ready to play with fire?

What You Need for the Burning Money Trick

All you need is a bill, a mixture of water and alcohol, and a lighter. 70% rubbing alcohol works well. So does a high-proof spirit, such as rum or vodka. Alcohol burns blue and is a little hard to see, so if you want a bright yellow flame, you can mix a little salt into the alcohol solution.

Perform the Burning Money Trick

Dip your money into the liquid and make sure it is completely wet. Remove the bill, shake off the excess liquid, and ignite your money. Now, you're playing with fire, so please be careful! If the flame burns your hand, simply shake it out. You will need to soak the bill again in order to repeat the trick.

Learn More

I hope you enjoyed this science fire trick. You can find more tricks and projects if you visit me on the web at Thanks for watching!

Caution:Adult supervision required.
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